Software for Evolving a Post-Acute Narrow Network into a Value Network

The health care industry needs to prove value to lead

Providers and Payors need to partner in new ways to effectively improve the lives of our clients through using Value Network SolutionsTM

Business as usual is the fastest path to obsolescence and irrelevance.

The US population is aging and the senior population is one of the fastest growing segments. We must have a solution to take care of our most vulnerable.

Declining census in nursing facilities is a reality that must be faced

If the aging population is growing quickly and the nursing facility census is declining, where are our seniors going for care? Alternative to solutions for care may be optimal, but the outcomes for care, quality and cost must be understood.

Payment for services cannot continue at an accelerated rate

We must have a solution that holds providers and patients accountable for the type of services delivered by payor, as payment source should be irrelevant in the delivery of care – we must focus on Value based solutions

Controlled Medicare spending is a top priority for the federal government