Mission –
Provide a personalized and innovative technology solution to achieve lower cost of care, improved patient outcomes and an excellent patient experience

Vision Statement –
To be a healthcare industry innovator, recognized for transforming the delivery of care

Value Statements –
Respect – Value the diversity of each team member, client and their patients and treat all with dignity

Excellence – Deliver and support innovative products and services through the dedication and passion of our team

Integrity – Abide by the highest ethical and professional standards expected by our clients and their patients

Teamwork – Recognize the contributions of our team in a collaborative and collective environment

Innovation – Disrupt, energize and transform the health care industry with the inspired ideas and creative talents of our team, clients and community

The need for a company like Value Network Solutions™ was envisioned by one of our founders after dealing with a personal loss. He recognized the passing of his grandfather might have been made easier for not only his grandfather, but also his family, if the nursing home, hospital and physicians all had access to the same health information and worked together on appropriate care for the patient as a whole. As he began his career in health care management, he vowed to work with others to find a Better Way of caring for people with improved communication, cooperation, and collaboration between providers, payors, patients and their families.

Value Network Solutions™ has an incredible team dedicated to continually improving an innovative way of providing cloud-based solutions to the health care industry providing better care for patients. Collectively, for over a century, the leadership team has worked in the IT, health and health care industry providing solutions as advisors, trustees, government officials, employees and owners. Their unique, yet purposeful background is part of the reason for the success of Value Network Solutions™.

That dedication to find a Better Way culminated in the development of Value Network Solutions™. The company combines the unique health care industry knowledge and solution driven focus of Brown Smith Wallace, LLP, and the unique IT experience, offerings and skills of GDCI. Together, they have created and perfected an innovative, cloud-based software solution that allows for the collaboration of providers, payors and patients to experience an optimal way of providing and receiving care.

Please contact us to learn more about our leadership team and how they can deliver a solution for you.